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LISD Podcast Episode 4

LISD’s District Administrator of the Year and Director of World Languages, Dr. Annie Rivera talks about why so many families have made LISD their education choice specifically due to our outstanding language program.

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LISD COVID Protocols

by April Cunningham When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closures of schools across the state and nation, including Lewisville ISD last March, there were many unknowns. School districts pivoted to remote learning, not knowing if it would be temporary or …

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All the Way, Abhijay

For the most part, Abhijay Kodali is a typical 12-year-old. Like many North Texas preteens, he enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks, his favorite teams, play. Kodali also likes playing video games, hanging with his dog Zeus and reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books in his spare time. But, the past two years, Kodali found himself catapulted into the national spotlight for his ability to spell – very, very well.

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STEM Studies Start Early in LISD

In just its second year, the Lewisville Independent School District’s STEM Academy, currently located at Donald Elementary, Polser Elementary and Valley Ridge Elementary, is already changing young lives. When searched on Google, the acronym “STEM” – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – has more than one billion, two hundred million online references.

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A Touchdown Back Home

Life comes full circle for former high school football star. It was December 14, 1996 in Waco, Texas at Floyd Casey Stadium. The Lewisville High School Fighting Farmers had just captured their second football state championship in four years, defeating Converse Judson, a San Antonio area powerhouse, 58-34.

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Finding the Right Fit

One of the biggest decisions a parent will ever make is choosing the right school for their child. A plethora of questions often run through a parent’s mind… Are the academics good? What are the teachers like? How about the administration? What are the students like? Does the school offer the extracurricular program we’re looking for?

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Why These Three Former Students Decided to Come Home to the Lewisville Independent School District

Returning to one’s home is a literary theme that has been used for thousands of years. In the 8th century, Greek poet Homer wrote about the arduous return of Odysseus to his wife Penelope and son Telemachus after being gone for more than 20 years. Because of this story, the English word “odyssey” has come to refer to an epic voyage. While perhaps not on the scale of “The Odyssey,” the trip back “home” by three women to the school district where they once studied has been equally epic.

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LHS Hosts Inaugural Pitch Night for New Incubator Program

Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and all of the other entrepreneurial legends have a sense of what 22 students of Lewisville High School were feeling on “Pitch Night 2019.” Sure, there was excitement, fueled by adrenaline and passion. However, there was also a laser-like focus and calm that can only come from the complete and utter confidence that results from relentless preparation. The five teams had done the work and it was now time to bring home the bacon!

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